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94523 Dental Implants

Dealing with tooth loss can be a distressing and overwhelming experience. It can have a profound impact on your oral health and function as well as your self-image. Performing vital day-to-day functions such like chewing and speaking can become more frustrating and challenging. That’s why at Pleasant Hill Wellness Dental we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of high quality restorative services and the latest options in tooth replacement such as dental bridges, dentures, and 94523 dental implants.

94523 Dental Implants

Up until the advent of implant dentistry, tooth replacement procedures like dental bridges or dentures could only address tooth loss above the gumline. While these two methods of care still provide highly effective and pleasing results, our 94523 dental implants offer the added benefit of coming the closest to replicating the look, feel and function of natural teeth. Dental implants function in much the same way as the roots of your own teeth and provide a stable anchoring point for the placement of a crown, bridge, or overdenture. With dental implants, patients with missing teeth can once again enjoy a varied, nutritious diet as well as smile and speak with renewed confidence. Since implants continue to provide the same stimulation that natural roots confer to the surrounding bone, they also help prevent bone loss after a tooth is lost or extracted to preserve the natural contours of your face. Moreover, dental implants can be used to restore a single missing tooth without compromising any adjacent teeth.

At Pleasant Hill Wellness Dental we are committed to helping patients enjoy the benefits of beautiful and healthy smiles. If you’re considering 94523 dental implants, or any other type of care to restore your incomplete smile, call Dr. Yi and her team for more information on our dental services or to schedule an appointment.

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